When It’s Time to Party, We Will Party Hard

Deep Sounding Volume 2 just passed the halfway mark of its estimated wordcount.  Is it too early for a round of Party Hard?  I don’t think it is.

At this point, that “tentative release date” of May 1 is looking increasingly tentative.  My cover artist, Jordan, is currently pulling her hair out and screaming at invisible ghosts as she struggles with the (seemingly straightforward and easy task) of compiling her excellent body of work into a portfolio, before she graduates.  I don’t get what’s so hard about that, but then I’m not one of those artsy types.

In other news: my good friend, game designer Katharine Uvick, is getting ready to graduate too.  Look at this muhfuggin resume!  But we’re no longer on speaking terms, because she’s currently attending GDC out in California, and last night she sent me this text:


Tim who?




So basically everything’s pretty awesome for everyone.
Let us Party Hard, dwarf bros, for that is the true way of our people.

2 thoughts on “When It’s Time to Party, We Will Party Hard

  1. I’m really pumped for Deep Sounding Volume 2! BRING IT OOOON.

    Also, meeting Tim was my main goal (the second one being getting a job) for the last two GDC’s, so I think this was a true testament to how hard work and perseverance can go a long way.

    I wouldn’t say luck is a part of it, other than it was luck that I heard about the Brutal Legend art book signing…but after hearing about it, it was all persistence! Well, and a ton of waiting…

  2. […] story.  Turns out that my intimation that it might be time to ‘party hard’ was entirely preemptive.  It’s not time to party hard.  It’s barely even time to […]

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