Forever Alone Filmmaking

Solo animators, indie filmmakers, and all-around unnaturally-talented badasses M Dot Strange and Jimmy Screamerclauz invited me onto their podcast, Forever Alone Filmmaking!

Come listen to us ramble about copyright, self-marketing, ~The Problem With Hollywood~, crappy vampire novels, and how smartphones are corrupting the youth of Athens.  Also cackle derisively as a $30 headset from Target single-handedly strips my voice of all its sultry, brassy bass, and reduces me to a mouth-breathing squawk-voiced nerd.

Finally, once you’re done doing that, go check out M Dot Strange’s hypnotic and beautiful Heart String Marionette (if you want to dip your toes into some surreal Ninja Scroll -style weirdness), and Jimmy Screamerclauz’s nightmare-inducing Where the Dead Go to Die (if you want to dive headfirst and shrieking into the abyss).


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