What I’m Working On

crying dwarfs

Deep Sounding Volume 2 is going on indefinite hold.  It’s not for lack of trying, but I have almost fifty thousand words of…well, to be frank, crap.  And I don’t mean “typical first draft” crap; this book’s a total wreck, the literary equivalent of shooting half a movie and then realizing you left the lense-cap on.  D’oh.

Basically, I made some major creative missteps and a few poor story decisions early along, and it came back to bite me.  The more I wrote, the more the problems became apparent.  The grapes went sour; the wine didn’t turn out.  I have a barrel of vinegar.  I could try to sugar it up and make it palatable, but that’s not my style.  I can’t polish turds and submit them as precious metals.  If I’m writing something and I’m not in love with it, that’s my creative instincts telling me something is very, very wrong.  I hate to abandon a project I’m already so deeply invested in, but there it is.

So it’s going on hold.  I may (read: will) come back to it eventually, because I have grand plans for the dwarfs of Whitemount and a very important story about them that I want to tell — but for right now, I need to put that universe at arms’ length, decompress, and lick my wounds.  There are some things I haven’t yet figured out about how to break the story and pace a series of novellas.  I need to work up to telling stories (and approaching solo projects) of that shape and scope.  I’m not there yet…but I will be.

So what am I working on instead?

Well, you may have noticed I added another wordcount bar, for a project called Crittertown.  This book is FLYING along (the way the first Deep Sounding did) and I expect to have it done by the end of August, if it even takes that long.  It’s a murder mystery set in an Orwellian version of the Hundred Acre Woods, and writing it is an absolute blast.

I’m really excited about this project, my beta readers are digging it so far, and I think you guys will love it.  Keep the dial tuned; I’ll post a snippet some time in the next few days.

I also have a short animated film with animator M Dot Strange coming down the pipe.

So, sorry if you’re sorely looking forward to the further adventures of Bardan Hardoch and the dwarfs of Whitemount.  I am, too.

What can I say?

Them’s the breaks.


One thought on “What I’m Working On

  1. “This book is FLYING along (the way the first Deep Sounding did) and I expect to have it done by the end of August, if it even takes that long.”

    Ha ha.


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