Use With Moderation

Starting to get more visitors to the blog, and with this Phil Fish thing, I find myself thinking more and more about creator-audience interaction.  Here are my publicly-stated GROUND RULES O’ DA GAME for the blog, going forward.

1) All comments submitted to my blog undergo moderation.  I can choose to either allow them, or delete them.

2) The vast majority of comments that aren’t spam WILL be approved.  I believe in open discourse, and I don’t give a good goddamn about what kind of language you use.  Your comment won’t be shot down for using swearz.  F-Bombs away!

3) Disagreeing with me is okay.  I encourage it!  Sometimes I might agree and post a reply.  Other times I might not; it doesn’t mean you didn’t raise salient points, it just means I don’t have anything interesting to say in reply.  Maybe it means you’re right and I’m too much of an ass to admit it.  Or maybe it means I’ve read your comment, think you’re an idiot, but believe there’s no useful discussion to be had between us.  Take it as you will.

4) I have the ability to edit user comments.  This is a god-like power, and I intend to use it as such.  If you say something particularly insightful, I’m going to put it in bold.  Roger Ebert always did that, and I quite like it.  It’s like a pat on the head, and it encourages good discussion.  You won’t get bolds just by agreeing with me or being really witty; you have to REALLY say something that knocks my socks off, and elevates the discussion in an interesting way.

5) Barring outright hatespam, if you are uncivil, I will still post your comment.  I believe in letting it all hang out.  That having been said,

6) If you write or behave in a manner I deem uncivil, I will edit the phrase “I am a rude jerk” into your comment, in a place and manner of my choosing.

This document has been signed, sealed, and ratified by the 2013 Internet Congress.  Please adhere to its strictures on pain of light ridicule.

My name is Brandon Carbaugh and I am a rude jerk.


2 thoughts on “Use With Moderation

  1. Jim Liston says:

    Hi Brandon, I found you from a review you wrote on Amazon for “Get Jiro.” I have a Kindle book, “Invasion of Privacy and Other Short Stories.” I would like to give you a complimentary copy, if you would be interested in reviewing it for me.

    Of Course there is no obligation to review it, But I would like to give it to you regardless.

    If you are interested, please let me know and we will get you the book ASAP.
    Thank you!

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